Personal Training In Portland, Oregon: Ways To Lose That Muffin Top!

If you are looking for ways to lose that muffin top here are some helpful hints that we think can help you:

1. Pick a pair a jeans that you would like to fit into without that extra skin hanging over the side. No one likes to see that skin hanging over, so go buy a pair a jeans that you want to be able to fit in – these are your Goal Jeans!

2. Start increasing your cardio respiratory exercise, but when you do it, make sure you are in your target training heart rate

3. Start doing some weight training in order to increase your muscle mass, which will in turn help you burn calories throughout the day.

4. If you need assistance, we would recommend hiring a personal trainer in your area to really push you to the next level.

5. Start writing your food in a journal so you can visually see what you are eating. You will be surprised when you see how much or little you eat.

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Good Luck & Enjoy!
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Why don’t you try Zumba, Yoga, Pilates, Dodge Ball or hire a Personal Trainer

If you are not exactly a fan of doing cardio exercises on the treadmill, stepper, or any other machine that you usually see at the gym, then there’s no reason for you to forego your cardio routine altogether. There are several other ways of getting the right amount of cardio and sweat that you need not only to aid in successful weight loss but also to help you become fitter and stronger in both your mind and body. Why don’t you try Zumba, Yoga, Pilates, hire a personal trainer, or even enroll in a group sports class like dodge ball. As long as you are moving, you will burn calories and feel a lot better. If you wan to get better results in a shorter amount of time, then you need to hire a personal trainer to help you map out your specific program. It is worth the time, money and you will feel awesome when you get there.

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Top 4 Benefits for Personal Training


The initial costs of personal training can be somewhat dismaying, but it will be more than likely offset by the benefits listed below. You are guaranteed to enjoy each and every advantage listed here if and when you get your own fitness trainer.


Professional fitness trainers have been schooled and trained to work with all types of personalities and consequently determine the ideal approach to use in order to keep them motivated to work out. Even if you feel you do not have the necessary self-discipline or willpower to keep to your diet and exercise plan, your fitness trainer will help ensure that you nonetheless stick to it – and achieve your goals in the end.

Also, the fact that you have already paid for your trainer’s services should at the very least motivate you to get your money’s worth even for just a session or two.

Specialized training

You can also ensure that you are working with a personal trainer who has the necessary expertise in the type of workout you are interested in, regardless of whether it has to do with weight lifting, aerobic exercise, or something else. If it makes you feel any better, you can also look for those with a proven track record in women’s fitness or men’s fitness.

Ultimately, the key thing to remember here is that you should work out with a personal trainer whose skills and competence you trust and respect – enough to inspire you to keep going.

Customized workouts

This is personal training, after all, and as such you can expect to get what you want when and where you want it and how you want it.

Basically, personal training programs begin with a talk between you and your trainer so that the latter could be informed about your fitness goals. Expect, however, your trainer to add a few more goals of his own and for you to achieve. Those additional tasks may seem like extra work but they are always intended to keep you healthy and fit. As such, you shouldn’t mind adding them to your goal list.

Also, keep in mind that personal trainers are supposed to work around your schedule and not the opposite. You therefore have the power and the right to ask your personal trainer to work out with you at your preferred time and place. Of course, do expect to pay extra – or have a more difficult time finding a willing trainer to work with you – if your preferred workout schedule happens to be unconventional.


Exercise can be fun and challenging in a good way, but it can also pose a threat to your own health and lead to unwanted injuries if you are unsure about the proper ways to go about it. Thankfully, the presence of your professional trainer will ensure that no such incidents would take place during your workout.

With these four benefits, you’ve hopefully realized just how much a help personal training can be.

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A Beginner’s Guide to Weight Lifting


Unlike aerobic exercise, weight lifting generally does not appear suitable for everyone. Most people assume that it’s the type of workout more suitable for men’s fitness rather than women’s fitness. But as any fitness trainer offering personal training is likely to tell you, weight lifting is an integral part of anyone’s workout program and regardless of what their weight objectives may be.

Define your goals

There are various types of weight lifting programs, and you should take the time to determine which one is most suitable in your case. Women lift weights for more defined and toned muscles while some men prefer to pump iron to bulk up and have bulging muscles to flaunt. And you may find this hard to believe but weight lifting may also be good for weight loss.

Start light and start right

You can literally end up injuring yourself – in very severe ways, too – if you force yourself to start by lifting 100-pound barbells on your first day. Start light and start right by lifting weights that you can readily handle. You can gradually increase your weights from there. Also, for those who are only into weight lifting for toning, increased repetitions – and not heavier weights – are the key to success.

Progress is inevitable and necessary

Progress here refers to the gradual and necessary increase in the weights you are using in your workout. It’s the only way to ensure that your muscles stay toned rather than suffering from stunted growth because they have gotten used to the weights you are lifting. Most experts recommend an increase of 10 pounds per month for those who want to bulk up, but obviously the figures would vary depending on the type of weight lifting program you are following.

Variation is essential

Firstly, educate yourself about the different muscle groups your body consists of. There’s the lower body – which consists of your thighs, calves, hamstrings, and abs – and then there’s your upper body, which consists of your back and shoulder muscles. Lastly, there’s your mid-body muscle group and which includes your chest, triceps, and biceps. Make sure that you do not target the same muscle group consecutively as this could lead to overworked muscles, workout plateaus, and imbalanced results.

Also, be wary of the “chicken legs” syndrome that’s common with bodybuilders. A lot of heavy weight lifters end up with bulging arms and scrawny legs simply because they’ve forgotten that their legs require the same amount of workout as well as their arms.

The tips above can give you a good start to weight lifting, but you will need more essential and specific advice as you progress. With a personal trainer, you can at least ensure you are performing all weight lifting exercises correctly, safely, and effectively.

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What are the advantages of Freeweights

When someone says they workout with free weights, what they are saying is that they exercise with weights that are not attached to a machine. This includes barbells, weighted plates, kettle-bells, sandbags, dumbbells, and the use of bumper plates.
The advantages of using free weights is that it creates muscle balance discrepancies.  When doing machines, you are lifting weight in a fixed movement, so fitness experts call this closed chain exercises. The disadvantages of closed chain exercises is that they will create tension in joints that can cause injury or shearing forces that will result in damage.
When doing free weights, the joint is able to move more freely, which in turn can be a lot safer.

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Components of Health, Fitness and Wellness

Here are some of The Components of Health and Fitness are:
1. Muscular Endurance
2. Flexibility
3. Muscular Strength
4. Body Composition
5. Cardiorespiratory Endurance

These are just some of the components of health, fitness & wellness. There are other aspects of fitness that can be measured and this is done by fitness appraisals. These assessments can be done by the Wingate Test (anaerobic threshold), VO2Max, Hydrostatic Weighing, and the Vertical Jump test.

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