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I know it has been awhile since we have posted, but we are back in full swing again and we are ready to start posting again. This time we are on the prowl for the best group fitness classes that we have taken. We have been scouring the country for new ideas, interval training classes and also just some great ways to burn as many calories as possible, but in a fun, effective, but challenging environment. We really want to step out of our comfort zone so here we go.

So we are in the Pacific Northwest right now and we have been going to some group exercise classes here in Portland, Oregon, Vancouver, Washington and Camas, Washington. And here is what tried. We tried, Crossfit, we tried some bar classes, and we tried some other variations of box type of gyms, but they seemed to resemble those kettlebell or power lifting types of gyms, where the WOD was most important. Then we came across another type of fitness class, and that was a high intensity, high energy group fitness class that seemed to take the best of all of the classes, but they made it fun, easy to understand, had supported technology and instruction that was easy to follow. In addition, the class sizes were not super huge, which added for some great attention by the fitness instructor.

The name of this group fitness training facility was called, Burntown Fitness in the Vancouver, Washington and Camas, Washington area. It was awesome! It was a 45 minute workout with a 4 round sequence and it was great. They had computer monitors that explained the workout in detail so it was easy to understand. In addition, the music was awesome and the instructors really knew how to motivate and spot you if needed, but in a quick and efficient manner.

As of now, this is the BEST Group Fitness class we have taken in this area. So if you are looking for a great fitness class to take and are looking for that premium type of service and environment with amazing training, then we would highly recommend this professional training place.

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