Burning Calories & Eating After a Workout

Just because we all burn a ton of calories when working out does not give us the privilege to eat a hamburger and fries right afterwards. The only time we will justify this is when you just got done running a full marathon or a large bout of exercise and it was great accomplishment; but just going to the gym does not count.

So what are we to do? When you are done working out you always want to eat a small snack to start replenishing some of the carbohydrates and proteins you have used up during exercise. This can either be in the form of a recovery drink that will give you a 4 carbohydrate to 1 protein ration or just eating a plain cheese stick or a banana right after you workout. This will not only supply your body with some great nutrients, but it will cause your body not to go into that “I want to eat everything in site” mode.

Personal Training In Portland, Oregon: Ways To Lose That Muffin Top!

If you are looking for ways to lose that muffin top here are some helpful hints that we think can help you:

1. Pick a pair a jeans that you would like to fit into without that extra skin hanging over the side. No one likes to see that skin hanging over, so go buy a pair a jeans that you want to be able to fit in – these are your Goal Jeans!

2. Start increasing your cardio respiratory exercise, but when you do it, make sure you are in your target training heart rate

3. Start doing some weight training in order to increase your muscle mass, which will in turn help you burn calories throughout the day.

4. If you need assistance, we would recommend hiring a personal trainer in your area to really push you to the next level.

5. Start writing your food in a journal so you can visually see what you are eating. You will be surprised when you see how much or little you eat.

The first link above is an excellent article/press release on muffin top exercises.

Good Luck & Enjoy!
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Personal Trainer Portland: Importance of a Strong Core & Moving Functionally

If you are looking for simple ways to start strengthening your CORE muscles, you can consult with a professional personal trainer Portland in your area or you can start out by doing this simple exercise at home. The easiest would be to start with your balance. When you have some free time, balance on one leg and hold that position for 60 seconds, then do it on the other. Once that gets easy, balance on one leg and slightly bend that knee and hold it for a few seconds and then come back up, without putting down the other foot. Do these for at least 15 repetitions and then do the other side.

What this will do is start to activate your smaller stabilizers in your knees, hips and in your feet. In addition, your CORE muscles will start to activate because they are also trying to help you keep your balance without forcing you to use other movements that can cause injury. When the CORE muscles are weak, sometimes joints, tendons, ligaments and bones will take the tension that is created when doing a movement and then injury occurs. By slowly strengthening both stabilizers and ligaments, your body will be better in the long run. When this basic exercise explained above gets easy, do the same movement but practice picking up a light object with one leg and then putting it back down. This type of exercise movement is not a functional exercise, because it is mimicking movements that you do in every day life.

If you want to learn more functional type movements, check out this YouTube video by Portland personal trainer, Kisar Dhillon. This is a more advanced movement and it involves using a piece of equipment at the gym. Enjoy!

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