Exercise Personal Training: So The Gym is Not Working For You!

This is the time of the year where a lot of individuals have attempted to go the gym, but have already failed at their resolution. We are not giving you a hard time, but we are firm believers that you must plan the work and then work the plan. Just because you go the gym and fulfill the times needed to go per week because that was in your resolution, does not count. You really have to make your visits to the gym count! When you are doing your cardiorespiratory fitness exercise are you getting your heart rate up enough that you cannot have a conversation with someone? When you are doing resistance training, are you challenging your muscles so that you can barely get those last few reps. This is what we are talking about, you need to place yourself out of your comfort zone if you really want to get results. Good luck in 2013 and make it happen.
Exercise Personal Training 

What is A Good Diet? How are you supposed to eat?

I just got back from a health sciences meeting at the University that I teach at and we were talking about diet, diabetes, and just the eating habits of people in United States. Obesity is such a major obstacle that we are trying to get a handle on here, but it seems that food and the message of food is everywhere. We cannot go anywhere without seeing some reference of something to eat, drink, order to go or have it delivered. Food is out of control here in the USA and a lot of us are consuming it.
I was just listening to the news and they were talking about increasing the disabled lift on the public transportation from 600lbs to 800lbs. Come on, if you are weighing 600lbs there has to be a wake up call, and to add 200 more pounds on too that, there has to be some denial going on.
We all need to practice a little moderation on a daily basis. You do not need to drink a pot of coffee, nor do you need to have a six dollar burger, french fries and a diet coke with your meal.
The one thing that you need to consider is to talk with a registered dietitian and then start working with a personal trainer. Seek out the best trainer you can find and then work with them until you get those results.

Choosing the Right Workout

Diet, exercise and rest are the three main components of maintaining health and fitness. These should be the mental mantra of all those who are serious in achieving good health. The diet should be balanced, following the food pyramid. The diet should provide all the needed vitamins, minerals, fiber, protein and energy. Rest should be sufficient in terms of recreation and sleep. The exercise should be appropriate and well-defined depending on the needs and capability of the individual. Getting motivated to exercise and choosing the right workout are arguably much harder to do than eating the right food and getting sufficient rest.

Exercise Personal Training 

What are the advantages of Freeweights

When someone says they workout with free weights, what they are saying is that they exercise with weights that are not attached to a machine. This includes barbells, weighted plates, kettle-bells, sandbags, dumbbells, and the use of bumper plates.
The advantages of using free weights is that it creates muscle balance discrepancies.  When doing machines, you are lifting weight in a fixed movement, so fitness experts call this closed chain exercises. The disadvantages of closed chain exercises is that they will create tension in joints that can cause injury or shearing forces that will result in damage.
When doing free weights, the joint is able to move more freely, which in turn can be a lot safer.

Exercise Personal Training

Components of Health, Fitness and Wellness

Here are some of The Components of Health and Fitness are:
1. Muscular Endurance
2. Flexibility
3. Muscular Strength
4. Body Composition
5. Cardiorespiratory Endurance

These are just some of the components of health, fitness & wellness. There are other aspects of fitness that can be measured and this is done by fitness appraisals. These assessments can be done by the Wingate Test (anaerobic threshold), VO2Max, Hydrostatic Weighing, and the Vertical Jump test.

Exercise Personal Training