Maintain Your Fitness: Caloric Intake and New Year’s Eve!

We all know that Portland, Oregon, New York and San Francisco are the foodie towns in the United States, but they are also knows for their mixologists too. What does this mean: in-taking a lot of your daily calories with fluids versus by food. This can be very dangerous, because when someone is intoxicated, they will tend to drink too much, but when they are leaving their party they will want to eat. We call this the fourth meal, and this is what will make or break getting excellent fitness results. Have fun this New Years Eve, drink responsibly, but try not to have that fourth meal. This is great practice to have, that extra meal will not only make you sluggish, but all those extra calories will get stored as fat. Yes, you will burn some of them off, but a lot of them will be absorbed into your fat cells. So beware, and not only drink sensibly, but eat sensibly too.

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Portland Personal Trainer: How Much Protein Do You Need?

The question is: How Much protein does a person need in their daily food intake? There is an easy calculation that you can do so you know how much you should eat throughout the day. Remember, the amount of protein that you should eat should represent about 15% of your daily food intake.

Protein Calculation: Take your weight in pounds (lbs) multiply by 0.6 to 0.9

Equation: (lbs) (0.6) = Protein Intake
(lbs) (0.9) = Protein Intake

If you have any questions about what types of proteins you can eat or just want to discuss it, consult a registered dietitian in your are. These are the experts when it comes to nutrition and developing exact food plans that individuals can follow. In addition, if your are working with a Portland personal trainer or fitness professional, make sure they are making your keep a food diary so you can discuss it with them and this is something you can show your registered dietitian.

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