Burning Calories & Eating After a Workout

Just because we all burn a ton of calories when working out does not give us the privilege to eat a hamburger and fries right afterwards. The only time we will justify this is when you just got done running a full marathon or a large bout of exercise and it was great accomplishment; but just going to the gym does not count.

So what are we to do? When you are done working out you always want to eat a small snack to start replenishing some of the carbohydrates and proteins you have used up during exercise. This can either be in the form of a recovery drink that will give you a 4 carbohydrate to 1 protein ration or just eating a plain cheese stick or a banana right after you workout. This will not only supply your body with some great nutrients, but it will cause your body not to go into that “I want to eat everything in site” mode.

Personal Training In Portland, Oregon: Ways To Lose That Muffin Top!

If you are looking for ways to lose that muffin top here are some helpful hints that we think can help you:

1. Pick a pair a jeans that you would like to fit into without that extra skin hanging over the side. No one likes to see that skin hanging over, so go buy a pair a jeans that you want to be able to fit in – these are your Goal Jeans!

2. Start increasing your cardio respiratory exercise, but when you do it, make sure you are in your target training heart rate

3. Start doing some weight training in order to increase your muscle mass, which will in turn help you burn calories throughout the day.

4. If you need assistance, we would recommend hiring a personal trainer in your area to really push you to the next level.

5. Start writing your food in a journal so you can visually see what you are eating. You will be surprised when you see how much or little you eat.

The first link above is an excellent article/press release on muffin top exercises.

Good Luck & Enjoy!
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What is A Good Diet? How are you supposed to eat?

I just got back from a health sciences meeting at the University that I teach at and we were talking about diet, diabetes, and just the eating habits of people in United States. Obesity is such a major obstacle that we are trying to get a handle on here, but it seems that food and the message of food is everywhere. We cannot go anywhere without seeing some reference of something to eat, drink, order to go or have it delivered. Food is out of control here in the USA and a lot of us are consuming it.
I was just listening to the news and they were talking about increasing the disabled lift on the public transportation from 600lbs to 800lbs. Come on, if you are weighing 600lbs there has to be a wake up call, and to add 200 more pounds on too that, there has to be some denial going on.
We all need to practice a little moderation on a daily basis. You do not need to drink a pot of coffee, nor do you need to have a six dollar burger, french fries and a diet coke with your meal.
The one thing that you need to consider is to talk with a registered dietitian and then start working with a personal trainer. Seek out the best trainer you can find and then work with them until you get those results.

Exercise Personal Training: Check Out These Quick Lunch Workouts

Here is a great article by CareerBliss that has some great workout tips for individuals needing to workout during their lunch hours. Sometimes working with a personal trainer can be the answer, but if there are days when you need to workout in your office, at home or on the go, try some of these options. Just click the CareerBliss link and have fun with these.

Exercise Personal Training

Personal Training: Need to workout during lunch!

If you are having a challenge finding time to workout, because of work, family, traveling, etc., then here are some helpful hints.

1. Give yourself an allotted amount of time that you can workout and block it out.

2. If all you have is 20 minutes, then make your workout back to back with exercise and keep your rest to a minimum.

3. Focus on doing full body movements, especially if you can only do two workouts per week. If you can workout more often, then you can separate your body into different muscle groups and then exercise them accordingly.

4. You want to keep that heart rate up the entire time so you can get the benefits of cardiorespiratory fitness at the same time.

5. Set small goals/milestones on what you want to achieve through your fitness routine.

6. You can always hire a personal trainer in your area to help you if need more motivation. If you are in Portland, Oregon then hire a Portland personal trainer. If you are in New York, then find a New York personal trainer or seek a referral.


Personal Trainer Portland: When you are Over-Training!

Working out for extensive periods of time without any rest can cause more damage than good. One would think that working out everyday is the best thing to do! In some instances you can workout consecutively, but you also need to give your body some rest in order to rebuild and rejuvenate that enthusiasm. The body is a wonderful machine and it will let you know when it needs to rest. This communication can happen in the form of the same injury happening over and over again, constantly being tired and your muscle soreness is lasting a lot longer than usual. Sometimes, you will even get sick because the body has been beaten down so much that it starts to affect your immune system. If you are working with a Portland personal trainer, let them know if any of these systems are happening and they can adjust your workouts accordingly until your body gets back to even.