Personal Trainer Portland: Fitness Progress Reports and Reward System

Include Progress Reports And Reward System

Seeing your progress along with your fitness development will definitely push you to move forward to your fitness goals. Your  personal trainer Portland  will help you to track your progress. Also, it is not a sinful act to reward yourself every time you reach your fitness goals. Just make sure that these rewards will serve as your positive reinforcements to keep you moving towards your fitness goals.


Whether your fitness goal is to lose fat, tone or gain muscles, condition your whole body, or practicing for sports, it is very important that you must consider the quality of being doable and attainable of it. At the end of the day, it is your health and body so you must tailor your fitness exercises to conform to your goal.

Personal Trainer Portland: Measuring Body Fat Percentage

Why Bother Measuring Body Fat Percentage?

Whether you are an athlete or an individual on a weight management program, controlling your body fat percentage is an integral component to keep excess weight off for good. No monitoring of body fat increases the risks of reducing lean muscles and gaining back the unwanted fat, without you knowing it.

The truth of the matter is, your trusty weighing scale will not indicate subtle changes but your body fat measurement surely will. If you are starting to notice that you are gradually loosing lean mass, take a measurement and work with your personal trainer Portland to make the necessary adjustments.

According to studies, as a person reaches the age of 20, the body will gradually lose muscle and gain more fat. If you have been comforted with the steady body weight over the years, for all you know, you are losing lean tissue mass and replacing it with body fat.

For athletes, this is definitely an unacceptable possibility since increase in body fat will adversely impact sports performance. In fact, excess body fat is closely associated with injury and reduced athletic performance. Excessive body fat percentage essentially acts as your body’s “dead weight”, which leads to reduced speed as well as efficiency of movement.

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