Personal Trainer Portland: Staying Full With Protein

When you are looking for a great way to help you with your diet, then make sure you have your protein and vegetables. The protein will give you a great sense of fullness and the vegetables will help your get your fiber. Have fiber throughout your day is extremely important, especially when you are trying to maintain or achieve that desired look and weight.

Think of protein as your friend and don’t try to avoid it. When you are vegetarian, you need to make sure you are getting the right types of proteins, and make sure they are not processed. Lean meats, fish, poultry are great ways to get this food and mixing it with vegetables is even better.

If you are looking for protein options it is recommended that you consult a registered dietician in your area. If you can work on your food intake and control what you consume, then the next step would be to work with a personal trainer Portland to get even better results.

Personal Trainer Portland: Fitness Progress Reports and Reward System

Include Progress Reports And Reward System

Seeing your progress along with your fitness development will definitely push you to move forward to your fitness goals. Your  personal trainer Portland  will help you to track your progress. Also, it is not a sinful act to reward yourself every time you reach your fitness goals. Just make sure that these rewards will serve as your positive reinforcements to keep you moving towards your fitness goals.


Whether your fitness goal is to lose fat, tone or gain muscles, condition your whole body, or practicing for sports, it is very important that you must consider the quality of being doable and attainable of it. At the end of the day, it is your health and body so you must tailor your fitness exercises to conform to your goal.

Personal Trainer Portland: Measuring Body Fat Percentage

Why Bother Measuring Body Fat Percentage?

Whether you are an athlete or an individual on a weight management program, controlling your body fat percentage is an integral component to keep excess weight off for good. No monitoring of body fat increases the risks of reducing lean muscles and gaining back the unwanted fat, without you knowing it.

The truth of the matter is, your trusty weighing scale will not indicate subtle changes but your body fat measurement surely will. If you are starting to notice that you are gradually loosing lean mass, take a measurement and work with your personal trainer Portland to make the necessary adjustments.

According to studies, as a person reaches the age of 20, the body will gradually lose muscle and gain more fat. If you have been comforted with the steady body weight over the years, for all you know, you are losing lean tissue mass and replacing it with body fat.

For athletes, this is definitely an unacceptable possibility since increase in body fat will adversely impact sports performance. In fact, excess body fat is closely associated with injury and reduced athletic performance. Excessive body fat percentage essentially acts as your body’s “dead weight”, which leads to reduced speed as well as efficiency of movement.

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How to relieve muscle soreness

One of the major side effects of exercising, working out, lifting weights or playing your favorite sport is that you will get sore muscles. The soreness is called delayed onset muscular soreness (DOMS) and this can happen between 24 to 48 hours after doing the exercise. So what are some ways that you can alleviate this muscle soreness?

1. Professional athletes who have been doing rigorous activity are instructed by their strength and conditioning coaches to take ice baths or take a nice dip in a cold pool. You will sometimes see pictures of football or tennis players taking these cold ice baths, but it does work at alleviating muscle soreness, inflammation and helps restore the body after rigorous activity. If someone could put the miraculous power of ice in a pill, it would be the best selling product, but we have to settle for cold ice water.

2. Stretching does help, but you should probably do a small walk or low impact activity that will increase your body core temperature, but also circulate any lactic acid or toxins that may have built up from the previous workout and have not been flushed out. After you warm-up, start stretching and hold those positions for 20 to 30 seconds.

3. If you are super sore, then you need to rest that muscle group. If you are competitive or professional athlete, then ice baths, stretching, etc will mandatory on a daily basis, but rest is going to be crucial in order for the body to restore itself and to recover. If you don’t get enough rest, you will create an overtraining effect that can result in injury, sleepless nights and mediocre performance.

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Portland Fitness: Drinking Wine

If you are one that likes to drink a glass of wine every night with dinner or afterwards, then you need to be aware of the amount  that you put in the glass. You may be someone who pours a heavy glass, but you want to keep it to only one glass. If you know you are going to have wine with dinner, then you may want to pass on the bread that they are offering at the table. Better yet, tell your server not deliver any bread to the table so you are not tempted. 


Exercise Personal Training

Portland Oregon Personal Trainer Kisar Dhillon Gives 3 Helpful Eating Tips When Working Out

The most important snacks a person can have is before, during and after a workout routine or fitness event.

Quote startThinking about exercise does not generate fitness results!Quote end

Portland, OR (PRWEB) February 21, 2012

With so many energy drinks on the market these days the body sometimes needs real food in order to complete rigorous physical activity. Having caffeine or other energy enhancing supplements may work in the short term, but when it comes to endurance activities, weight lifting and high intensity interval training, a quick real food snack can be the solution to give the body the nutrition it needs at that moment in time.

A Pre Snack Workout
If someone is in need of a snack prior to a workout, following foods on the low glycemic index will provide better options because of the peaks and valleys of glucose in the blood. A simple food like an apple is great because it provides the proper amounts of nutrients to not only wake up somebody, but it will supply the body with the right amount of carbohydrates it needs to get the activity started.
A Snack During a Workout
A great snack during a workout can range from eating a small banana with a little bit of peanut butter to a cheese stick with some crackers. There are times when the body is exercising so hard during a fitness training or exercise event that it needs a certain amount of carbohydrates and protein to maintain that level of intensity, or the person will bonk. The human body will let a person know when it needs carbohydrates, fat and even protein, especially during intense exercise or competition. This can also vary for fitness events or recreational excursions where high altitude and elevation gain is a variable.

Post Workout Snack
This is one of the most important meals an athlete or fitness enthusiast will need to ingest after working out. It is crucial that carbohydrates and protein are put back into the body within one hour after exercising. This will help in overall recovery of the main muscles that were being used during the activity, and to put back any important nutrients and electrolytes that were lost due to expiration and perspiration. This can be in the form of a recovery drink which is a 4 carbohydrates to a 1 protein ratio, or a small snack that can consist of a cheese stick and a brown rice tortilla, or whole grain crackers and low fat cottage cheese.

The purpose is not to rule out liquids, because recovery drinks play a huge role in post workout supplementation. The reasoning is that sometimes the body just needs to ingest carbohydrates in the form of food, versus liquids or gels. It is totally understood that when doing a marathon or ultra endurance event, the creativity of what is being ingested will vary among fitness individuals, but all of them will intake some kind of food before, during and after an intense workout or fitness event.

If more information is needed about other specific foods for these three phases of exercising, please consult a personal trainer, registered dietitian or a nutritionist for helpful hints and other food options that can be great additions to the ones mentioned already.


Choosing the Right Workout

Diet, exercise and rest are the three main components of maintaining health and fitness. These should be the mental mantra of all those who are serious in achieving good health. The diet should be balanced, following the food pyramid. The diet should provide all the needed vitamins, minerals, fiber, protein and energy. Rest should be sufficient in terms of recreation and sleep. The exercise should be appropriate and well-defined depending on the needs and capability of the individual. Getting motivated to exercise and choosing the right workout are arguably much harder to do than eating the right food and getting sufficient rest.

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Why don’t you try Zumba, Yoga, Pilates, Dodge Ball or hire a Personal Trainer

If you are not exactly a fan of doing cardio exercises on the treadmill, stepper, or any other machine that you usually see at the gym, then there’s no reason for you to forego your cardio routine altogether. There are several other ways of getting the right amount of cardio and sweat that you need not only to aid in successful weight loss but also to help you become fitter and stronger in both your mind and body. Why don’t you try Zumba, Yoga, Pilates, hire a personal trainer, or even enroll in a group sports class like dodge ball. As long as you are moving, you will burn calories and feel a lot better. If you wan to get better results in a shorter amount of time, then you need to hire a personal trainer to help you map out your specific program. It is worth the time, money and you will feel awesome when you get there.

Exercise Personal Training


Fitness Training Portland: Strength Training vs Cardio Exercises

A lot of people who are meaning to lose weight find it a bit tricky to choose between personal training or strength training or doing cardio exercises. Of course, both types of exercises have their own share of benefits to the body and to one’s weight loss goals but the most common question is, which one should you do more of, or which one should you not even think about doing at all.

Benefits of Cardio Exercises

If you wish to shed off a reasonable amount of weight, then one of the first and most effective types of exercise you might want to do are cardio ones. There are many forms of cardio exercises like dancing, biking, swimming, running, walking, and so much more. These types of exercises are effective because they spike up your heart rate and make you sweat like crazy.

Losing weight through cardio exercises is very easy especially if you are new at it and plan to do it on a regular basis. In just a span of a few weeks, you will immediately see results on the scale and on your body especially if you jog or run daily.

Benefits of Strength Training

Strength training on the other hand is aimed at firming your skin and improving your body’s overall strength. A lot of reports have shown that people who lift weights regularly double their muscle strength and muscles are of course known for keeping fat off the body. The more muscle you have, the less likely will you gain weight.

Also, strength training can be helpful in such a way that when you do it regularly, you will see results on your body especially in terms of its shape. The more you train your strength, the more likely will you benefit from it in the long run.

Which One is Better?

A common misconception among a lot of people trying to lose weight is that doing one of these two types of exercises is already enough to ensure the reaching of their fitness goals but that is absolutely wrong. No matter how much weight you lose doing cardio exercises, at some point your body will get used to it and you will reach the state of plateau. When this happens, your body, without enough muscles, will find it difficult to lose weight and the more you do cardio exercises, the more you will lose your muscles.

On the one hand, if you only do strength training, there is a huge possibility for you to not be able to maximize your weight loss potential. At some point you might even notice that your body is bigger and bulkier from lifting too much weight and without losing the right amount of fat. Thus, the right combination of both is the key to enjoying the long term benefits of permanent and consistent weight loss. And when you combine this with proper nutrition, then all the more will you be able to enjoy the benefits of living a healthier life.

Exercise Personal Training 

Top 4 Benefits for Personal Training


The initial costs of personal training can be somewhat dismaying, but it will be more than likely offset by the benefits listed below. You are guaranteed to enjoy each and every advantage listed here if and when you get your own fitness trainer.


Professional fitness trainers have been schooled and trained to work with all types of personalities and consequently determine the ideal approach to use in order to keep them motivated to work out. Even if you feel you do not have the necessary self-discipline or willpower to keep to your diet and exercise plan, your fitness trainer will help ensure that you nonetheless stick to it – and achieve your goals in the end.

Also, the fact that you have already paid for your trainer’s services should at the very least motivate you to get your money’s worth even for just a session or two.

Specialized training

You can also ensure that you are working with a personal trainer who has the necessary expertise in the type of workout you are interested in, regardless of whether it has to do with weight lifting, aerobic exercise, or something else. If it makes you feel any better, you can also look for those with a proven track record in women’s fitness or men’s fitness.

Ultimately, the key thing to remember here is that you should work out with a personal trainer whose skills and competence you trust and respect – enough to inspire you to keep going.

Customized workouts

This is personal training, after all, and as such you can expect to get what you want when and where you want it and how you want it.

Basically, personal training programs begin with a talk between you and your trainer so that the latter could be informed about your fitness goals. Expect, however, your trainer to add a few more goals of his own and for you to achieve. Those additional tasks may seem like extra work but they are always intended to keep you healthy and fit. As such, you shouldn’t mind adding them to your goal list.

Also, keep in mind that personal trainers are supposed to work around your schedule and not the opposite. You therefore have the power and the right to ask your personal trainer to work out with you at your preferred time and place. Of course, do expect to pay extra – or have a more difficult time finding a willing trainer to work with you – if your preferred workout schedule happens to be unconventional.


Exercise can be fun and challenging in a good way, but it can also pose a threat to your own health and lead to unwanted injuries if you are unsure about the proper ways to go about it. Thankfully, the presence of your professional trainer will ensure that no such incidents would take place during your workout.

With these four benefits, you’ve hopefully realized just how much a help personal training can be.

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