Portland Oregon Personal Trainer: Quick Fitness Workouts Produce Great Results

If you are constantly slammed at work and in the back of your head you keep telling yourself you need to take care of your body, then what are you waiting for? The notion that hiring a Portland Oregon personal trainer for quick workout sessions is not weird, but it is an alternative to doing a full regular one hour or not doing anything. So for those who are settling for the old excuses of not having enough time, money or you are just too busy with work, then try a shorter duration session.
In the beginning, when working with a Portland personal trainer, the initial intensity will be set at your current fitness level, but the intensity will progress in order to keep improving and attaining positive fitness results. It will take a few weeks to start increasing the intensity, but your workouts will still be challenging during this transition period. This will be fun, exciting and most of all you will feel better about your health and that you are doing something about it.

Personal Trainer Portland Oregon: Fitness & ICE

Here is a great way to help reduce those aches and pains when you are getting into a fitness program. When every you exercise, especially when you are just getting back into it, you are going to experience DOMS, which is delayed onset muscular soreness. This is the soreness that you will feel after 24 to 48 hours after working out. This is something that your portland oregon personal trainer will let you know about and discuss some treatments that could alleviate some of these symptoms.
One of the best ways to help is with ice. Yes, plain old ice therapy is one of the best forms of medicine that you can use. If we could bottle this up in a pill, we would have the number one seller in the world, but for now, we have to settle on soaking our body in some ice water. It is going to be cold initially, but then you body will adjust to the temperature and the cold water will start doing its amazing cure with reducing that inflammation that is causing your to become stiff and sore.
When working with your personal trainer portland oregon, let them know if you are extremely sore so they can work around those muscles in order to let them rest so they are fresh when they are ready to be exercised again.

Portland Personal Trainer: Exercising When Pregnant

If you are pregnant and you still want to exercise, then the first thing you need to do is get your doctor’s permission. If they give you the green light, then we always need be aware of what trimester you are in. During the first trimester exercise can be pretty much the same intensity as pre-pregnancy, but when you start to enter the second trimester, then that is when intensity and the plan of the exercise needs to be taken into consideration.

If you are to use a Portland personal trainer, they will be aware of the precautions that need to be made when exercising when entering the second trimester and beyond. The fetus is growing, which means exercises that are on the back cannot be done anymore. Exercises now need to be seated or standing.

Exercise is encouraged during pregnancy, especially with some mother’s getting gestational diabetes with prior ones. If you want to exercise safe, then hire a Portland personal trainer.


Personal Trainer Portland: Staying Full With Protein

When you are looking for a great way to help you with your diet, then make sure you have your protein and vegetables. The protein will give you a great sense of fullness and the vegetables will help your get your fiber. Have fiber throughout your day is extremely important, especially when you are trying to maintain or achieve that desired look and weight.

Think of protein as your friend and don’t try to avoid it. When you are vegetarian, you need to make sure you are getting the right types of proteins, and make sure they are not processed. Lean meats, fish, poultry are great ways to get this food and mixing it with vegetables is even better.

If you are looking for protein options it is recommended that you consult a registered dietician in your area. If you can work on your food intake and control what you consume, then the next step would be to work with a personal trainer Portland to get even better results.

Portland Personal Trainer: Stay Fit, Eat Healthy, Reduce Body Fat & Lose Inches

Attractiveness is one goal in reducing your body fat. Getting healthy is another. Body fat can lead you to obesity and its many complications. Obesity causes diabetes and its complications namely blindness, kidney failure, hypertension and cardiovascular diseases.

Reducing your body fat is not complete without the proper exercise regimen. There are no short cuts to your body fat reduction. You have to sweat it out, too. The better way there is, is to get a personal trainer Portland who can show all you need to know about reducing your body fat.

Your Portland personal trainer is an expert in the exercise and proper nutrition for your body structure. With the influx of fad diet plans and the countless exercise gadgets in the market today, you tend to be more confused than decisive. Your personal trainer Portland Oregon can show you what exactly the proper procedure is for your age, your physical limitations and your body structure.

The apple and the potato peel are worth mentioning because their skin is rich in fiber. The potato peel keeps the minerals and vitamins in the flesh. Just bear in mind to wash the potato thoroughly before cooking.

You can add a cup of split pea soup in your diet. As if fiber is not enough pea soup has also the proteins needed by your body. A cup of this soup is sufficed, though.

Processed meats and fried foods are to be avoided and shunned. As you grow older, your metabolism rate declines and your body can no longer burn the calories you have absorbed just like before.

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Personal Trainer Portland: Fat Loss Through Weight Training

It has been proven that working out burns calories and eventually keeps one in shape. There are various routines and programs that individuals can enroll with and weight training is one of them.

Yet, people are wary about getting into weight training because it is often associated with Mr. Universe and Arnold Schwarzenegger with his bulging muscles and cute poses. But actually, it goes beyond that. Just ask any personal trainer Portland and fitness expert and they will tell you that weight training is a great way of losing weight and reducing those fat cells in the body that can be so stubborn cooperate.

One thing that weight training does to help burn more calories at rest is that it increases and individuals metabolism.

The common goal of lifting weights is to build muscle, a little bulk here and there to create a better-looking body. And with that, increases body metabolism.

For someone who wants to lose fat, weight training is a great partner. Because the more you lift some weights, the more resistance your body meets therefore it exerts more effort. In that process, your body is working doubly hard and so it allows you to burn more calories and body fat too.

An increased metabolic rate is always the goal when you want a leaner and fitter body, and compared to other workouts, weight training allows you to sustain metabolic rate longer than other routines.

If you are stuck in your routine, then it is highly suggested that you contact a Portland fitness trainer in your area to discuss what you are currently doing and see what they can do take you to that next level!

Personal Trainer Portland: Fitness Progress Reports and Reward System

Include Progress Reports And Reward System

Seeing your progress along with your fitness development will definitely push you to move forward to your fitness goals. Your  personal trainer Portland  will help you to track your progress. Also, it is not a sinful act to reward yourself every time you reach your fitness goals. Just make sure that these rewards will serve as your positive reinforcements to keep you moving towards your fitness goals.


Whether your fitness goal is to lose fat, tone or gain muscles, condition your whole body, or practicing for sports, it is very important that you must consider the quality of being doable and attainable of it. At the end of the day, it is your health and body so you must tailor your fitness exercises to conform to your goal.

Personal Trainer Portland: Measuring Body Fat Percentage

Why Bother Measuring Body Fat Percentage?

Whether you are an athlete or an individual on a weight management program, controlling your body fat percentage is an integral component to keep excess weight off for good. No monitoring of body fat increases the risks of reducing lean muscles and gaining back the unwanted fat, without you knowing it.

The truth of the matter is, your trusty weighing scale will not indicate subtle changes but your body fat measurement surely will. If you are starting to notice that you are gradually loosing lean mass, take a measurement and work with your personal trainer Portland to make the necessary adjustments.

According to studies, as a person reaches the age of 20, the body will gradually lose muscle and gain more fat. If you have been comforted with the steady body weight over the years, for all you know, you are losing lean tissue mass and replacing it with body fat.

For athletes, this is definitely an unacceptable possibility since increase in body fat will adversely impact sports performance. In fact, excess body fat is closely associated with injury and reduced athletic performance. Excessive body fat percentage essentially acts as your body’s “dead weight”, which leads to reduced speed as well as efficiency of movement.

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How to relieve muscle soreness

One of the major side effects of exercising, working out, lifting weights or playing your favorite sport is that you will get sore muscles. The soreness is called delayed onset muscular soreness (DOMS) and this can happen between 24 to 48 hours after doing the exercise. So what are some ways that you can alleviate this muscle soreness?

1. Professional athletes who have been doing rigorous activity are instructed by their strength and conditioning coaches to take ice baths or take a nice dip in a cold pool. You will sometimes see pictures of football or tennis players taking these cold ice baths, but it does work at alleviating muscle soreness, inflammation and helps restore the body after rigorous activity. If someone could put the miraculous power of ice in a pill, it would be the best selling product, but we have to settle for cold ice water.

2. Stretching does help, but you should probably do a small walk or low impact activity that will increase your body core temperature, but also circulate any lactic acid or toxins that may have built up from the previous workout and have not been flushed out. After you warm-up, start stretching and hold those positions for 20 to 30 seconds.

3. If you are super sore, then you need to rest that muscle group. If you are competitive or professional athlete, then ice baths, stretching, etc will mandatory on a daily basis, but rest is going to be crucial in order for the body to restore itself and to recover. If you don’t get enough rest, you will create an overtraining effect that can result in injury, sleepless nights and mediocre performance.

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Portland Fitness: Drinking Wine

If you are one that likes to drink a glass of wine every night with dinner or afterwards, then you need to be aware of the amount  that you put in the glass. You may be someone who pours a heavy glass, but you want to keep it to only one glass. If you know you are going to have wine with dinner, then you may want to pass on the bread that they are offering at the table. Better yet, tell your server not deliver any bread to the table so you are not tempted. 


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